Loft Insulation

Loft Insulation is an effective way to save energy and money at home. A well insulated house keeps warmth exactly what you need it indoor. So insulating and topping up your loft or attic will help to heat your home more effectively, using less energy reduces carbon foot prints, one of the biggest cause of climate change.

As 25% of the heat loss in a home is through uninsulated roof, therefore standard insulation will save money on your bills approximately £180 a year.

Heat always flow from warm area to cold area. The colder it is outside the faster the heat from your home will espace into the surrounding area. Insulation makes it difficult for heat to pass up through the insulating material which has lot of air pockets in it. These pockets heat cutting what is known as “U” value of the loft. Less the “U” value you need less energy to keep your home warm.

Benefits of Loft Insulation:

 • Reduction in Heat Loss 

• Significant Savings to Your Heating Bill 

• Quick & Cost Effective Process 

• Home Will Be Warm Very Quickly 

• No Need To Leave Heating On For Long Periods Of Time 

• Comfortable Living Environment maintained 

• Better Winter & Summer Temperature Control 

• More Efficient Fuel Consumption 

• Improved Home Energy Rating 

• Saves Money On Your Energy Bills

• Contributes To Help Save The Environment in carbon emission