About Us

Golden Globe Ltd

Golden Globe Ltd is a Green Deal Installer for (ECO) Energy Companies Obligation schemes based in London. Dedicate to help homeowners claim the government grants. Which are available to make energy efficient and upgrade homeowner’s properties.

Its aim is to educate the householders about the benefits of Energy Company Obligation  ‘ECO’, and ‘GREEN DEAL’. It helps them to reduce ‘Carbon foot Print’ and in turn save their money. Golden Globe specializes in advising its clients on a range of energy efficient measures. That can make their homes and properties more energy efficient.

We are operating since 2011 within the UK from its registered address in London. And has been successfully installing ECO measures throughout the country.

ECO installations

Golden Globe Ltd has a sound track record of installing ECO measures. Its volume of installations is a true source of assurance for future clients and funding companies. Recent projects undertaken by the Golden Globes Ltd includes approximately 300 external wall insulations in 2014-2015 under GDHIF scheme, approximately 300 gas boilers installed in 2016 and approximately 200 home heating installations in off gas areas within a span of six months starting from January 2017.

Qualified and experienced installers

Golden Globe’s panel of installers are experts in their own fields. They make sure that the property meets the requirements for installation of the specific measure. They offer those products and services to clients that best meet their energy and cost-saving requirements.

Customer Services

All the telephonic inquiries are dealt with in our office by qualified staff. Your Satisfaction is our first priority

Our company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA registration number FRN: 620778.

Reliable supply chain

Golden Globe’s supply chain for installation materials is supporting by Europe’s leading producers and innovative material manufactures. The main reason behind this is to deliver a high-quality service. We are the certified and approved installer for various ECO and GREEN deal products. The Certifications are in accordance with the relevant industry codes of practice approved by the schemes administrator. Installations of various ECO measures carry varying degrees of warranties as per the requirement of the scheme.