Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation is highly cost effective method of reducing energy consumption saving money and cutting down carbon emissions. A 35% of heat loss in a home is because cavity wall insulation is not installed. Upto 30% of heating bills can be obtained by installing cavity wall insulation,  approximately 180 per year. Insulating cavity walls is a technical process and requires special technical skills. Only approved skilled installers can  carry  out this process.

The cavity wall is injected with insulating material by drilling holes in the external walls approximately 1.5 m apart through the mortar joint. Holes are  generally of 22-25 mm diameter and made good after injection. Each hole is injected in turn starting at the bottom. It usually takes “Two” hours to  install but the time does depend on the size of the house and other factors such as access.

The drilling process inevitably creates a little dust, which will be cleared at the completion of the job. The insulation combines with the trapped air,  and  act as a barrier to stop heat from escaping. It works in all seasons by keeping the house warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. The Cavity wall insulation/ installation carry a 25 years of guarantee endorsed by “The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency – CIGA” and all products installed benefit from the “British Board of Agreement – BBA”.

The following properties are also being considered for inclusion under “ECO” but have yet NOT been confirmed.

  1. Steel Framed
  2. Timber Framed
  3. Random Stone

 Cavity Wall Insulation

Benefits of Cavity wall insulation are:

Significant Savings on Your Heating Bill

Quick Installation Process & Cost Effective

Home Will Be Warm Very Quickly

No Need To Leave The Heating On For Long Periods Of Time

Reduction in the amount of CO2 produced from your home

Provides A Comfortable Living Environment

Better Winter & Summer Temperature

More Efficient Fuel Consumption

Improved Home Energy Rating

Save Money On Your Energy Bills

You Contribution to Help To Save The Environment