External Wall Insulation

It is also known as Solid wall insulation or Brick wall insulation. The properties built in Eighteenth and early nineteenth century. This process is of solid walls i.e. no cavity in walls. These properties have severe heating and damp problems leading to black mold growth and needs repairs.

External wall insulation involves fixing an insulating material to external wall with protective rendering, which is of thick sand and cement mix apply over the insulating sheet and a thinner lighter cement over strong fiber mesh and is cost effective. Whereas cladding comes in a variety of attractive colours and forms as timber panels or shingles, stone or clay tiles, aluminium panels or a brick finish.

In solid walls home 45% of the heat escape through walls will dramatically reduce heat loss and savings up to £460 a year. External wall insulation is cost effective alternative to demolition and rebuild.

It reduces condensation and protects the black mold growth and prolongs the external fabric of the building.

External Wall Insulation Cost

External Wall Insulation cost is higher than Internal wall insulation. A three-bedroom semi is likely to cost £5,000-9,000, But with a larger detach home in the region of £8,000-15,000. There are numerous systems that require specialist installation, but the materials from builders’ merchants that are very cheaper. You can also apply for grants at Golden Globe Ltd.

There will be a cost involved in erecting scaffolding and removing/replacing all of the pipes and cables which is fix to the wall that cannot be avoided.