Most of the people don’t know about Home Improvement Grants.



What are Home Improvement Grants?

If you are a homeowner or private tenant, You may be able to claim home improvement grants for repairing, improvement or adaptation of your property.

Home Improvement Grants are Available

We also undertake self-financed home improvement. It works for those people who do not qualify for home improvement grants and subsidies. We also offer installation of the new boiler. New Boiler includes Oil Boiler, LPG Boiler, and gas-fired Boiler. Grants are available for electric storage heater. We are also offering the grants for home insulation. It may be of Solid Wall, Loft Insulation or Cavity Wall Insulation Apply Now for Home Improvement Grants

We will use our expertise and our existing supply chain to carry out the work. And our work will very cost-effective and timely manner. We would be more than happy to carry out a free survey of your property. And let We able to give you a good quotation. Your Satisfaction will be our first priority.

We are sure to beat the price you have been quoted by others in this trade. This is due to the bulk buying of the material and efficient supply chain. We have a massive pool of engineers and a huge number of craftsmen

Homeowners, landlords and local authority tenants can claim Home Improvement Grants.

Home Improvement Loans are available

Home Improvement can be a great way to make your property a better place to live and you can increase its value at the same time. Whether you want a new kitchen or you need to repair your roof then You may need to borrow money to fund the work. We can arrange Home improvement loans for you through our funding companies. You can pay back loans in easy installments. That can pay back between the time period of five to ten years. Loans are available for new A-rated boilers electric storage heaters external wall insulation and double glazing. Contact Us for more info. Or place a regular call at 0207 0965 097Those people have the highest average income who take the home improvement loans among all loan seekers. 

Free Survey: Call us for a free survey after which we will be able to give you a quotation and answer your queries like costs involved, how long the installation process will take, recommend products, etc.